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Big Radical

Big Radical is a product development studio of designers, engineers, project coaches and business innovators based in Soho, London. We believe that design and technology can be a force for positive impact, but often isn’t. To make a difference requires a radical stance.

Big Radical branding

We focus on Rapid Breakthrough Product Development – getting to the point fast, making things tangible, answering key questions - and helping you launch great products, services and experiences that make a difference you can measure. We apply principles of team culture, collaboration, open feedback, and focus on outcomes to all our iterative engagements.

The tone of voice is about being on point and purposeful. Having a clear and consistent message with no jargon, no agency bullshit. The spirit of the brand is being honest, meaningful and having a positive impact.

The brand delivers its messages in a clear and consistent manner, with a tone of voice that is quite acute and sharp-witted. Friendly, but not playful and jargon language is best to be avoided.

Big Radical branding

Also in order to get to know the team a bit more on a personal level, we create a bunch of videos with fun facts and crazy questions.


  • Client

    Big Radical

  • Art Direction

    Massimo Meijer

  • Design

    David Denni, Daniel Marson, Massimo Meijer

  • Video

    Daniel Marson, Rav Foolheea

  • UX

    Simon Kay, Brian Oko