Digitas LBI

The mantra for the GMC 2014 Sierra is ‘Incredible Thinking’. Indeed, the stories behind the revolutioni-zed designs of the 2014 pickup are incredibly innovative. From submarine steel and fighter-jet inspired interfaces to noise-cancelling technologies inspired by helicopters, all were used in the actual design of the Sierra and also in the website.

Ever since the start of the project, it felt only natural to revolutionize the design of the website as much as the design of the car itself. We therefore developed a scrolling site experience for the campaign; embodying the innovative, professional, and remarkable feel of the vehicle.

The stories behind the truck’s new design were far too inspirational to just be diminished to technical specifications and accessories.
From submarine, to fighter yet to helicopter, all deserved the opportunity to be explored in more than a single, straightforward page.

Subsequently, we produced a website that (literally) added a whole new dimension to scrolling. The design, animation and film departments created a Hollywood-caliber 3D CGI environment entirely from scratch. As you scroll through the environment, it takes you on a journey that is completely based on the Sierra and its magnificent design.

GMC Incredible Thinking

The result is a carefully sculpted video experience that can be explored in depth and detail, as well as across devices thanks to HTML5. The mobile and tablet versions follow the same great story, but incorporate gesture-controls and mobile-specific 3D animations to ensure the site will also leave a lasting impression on small-screened devices.


  • Client


  • Agency

    Digitas LBi (Boston)

  • Production

    Massimo Meijer

  • Concept

    Jouke Vuurmans, Rhys Davelaar, Geert Eichhorn, Massimo Meijer

  • Art Direction

    Massimo Meijer

  • Design

    Tomas Freriksen, Luuk Vermeyden, Kjegwan Leihitu, Massimo Meijer


Blogs and industry publications across the Web were quick to describe the experience as “the new standard in scrolling sites.” In March 2014, Incredible Thinking won a distinguished double FWA for living up to this claim on both desktop and mobile. The campaign also won site of the day at Awwward and CSS Awards.