Hargreaves Lansdown

HL's new mobile

financial app

Big Radical

Mobile is an important pillar of the Hargreaves Lansdown service and digital strategy. After experiencing rapidly increasing mobile traffic (eclipsing that of the use of the desktop PC) the brief was to rebuild the dated HL Live app from the ground up, using the latest standards of design, architecture and technology.

Testing was crucial throughout this development cycle. We demoed all stages of design and non-functional prototypes during user testing sessions right through to the last phases of completion of the app. Customer responses were positive throughout, however their insight often differed from common assumptions.

Using the customer feedback through the development process helped us avoid wrong turns and wasted effort. The final stage of user testing was a month-long beta test with the ‘finished’ app. Again, a crucial stage to ensure no show-stopping issues emerged.

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  • An 81% increase of visitors for the app in the first month (Feb 2017) vs the same month in 2016

  • Over an 100% increase in customer login vs the same period in 2016

  • 40% of logins now use the much-requested Touch ID (finger print) feature.

Hargreaves Lansdown results


  • Client

    Hargreaves Lansdown

  • Agency

    Big Radical

  • Design

    Holly Jermyn, David Denni, Massimo Meijer

  • UX

    Nick Gray, Brian Oko, Tony Craig

  • Technical Director

    Yaw Dako