Crack the case


W&K Amsterdam

The first time that 007 switched his famous vodka martini (shaken not stirred) for a Heineken is boldly accompanied by the first ever digital blockbuster. Picking up where the TV commercial ends, this interactive film brings you face to face with beautiful Bond-girl Severine. During the short film you get the chance to help Severine Crack the Case, prove you are super-spy material, and earn your own SKYFALL stripes.

This project was launched across different regions and platforms. It went live in 70+ countries as part of Heineken’s .com, Facebook, and as embedded content in media-campaigns around the world. Not being able to discuss the actual numbers (if I did, I have to kill you…) we can share that KPIs were hit worldwide. The mixture of high-impact and easy access/entry is now being used as an example for Heineken and its brands worldwide.

Heineken Crack The Case


  • Client


  • Agency

    Digitas LBi (Boston)

  • Production

    Massimo Meijer

  • Concept

    Jouke Vuurmans, Rhys Davelaar, Geert Eichhorn, Massimo Meijer

  • Art Direction

    Massimo Meijer

  • Design

    Tomas Freriksen, Luuk Vermeyden, Kjegwan Leihitu, Massimo Meijer


In the end 007, with some help of the user, saves the day and accomplished his mission by picking up an FWA award site of the day, Silver Epica for film & craft, shortlisted for the Eurobest and a Creativity Online Pick of the day and a Webby.