Free or not?

DDB Paris

Did you know that 50% of the people who start smoking on a younger age, will smoke their entire life? Our goal was to make young people aware of this danger of smoking.

Through the timebox on the site, we wanted young people to experience that within a year you can change your life a lot.

However there is one thing you can’t change: once you start smoking it is nearly impossible to stop. You donʼt believe this? Than test yourself at the website.

Inpes results

A year later they fill in the same questionnaire. Both questionnaires evolve around different questions, the most important one being: do you smoke or not? In the end both questionnaires are being compared to prove to the participants that within a year your life truly changes a lot. This realization shows the participants how much freedom they have, something that smoking can partially take away from them.


  • Client


  • Agency

    DDB Paris

  • Production


  • Concept

    Jeroen van der Meer, Massimo Meijer

  • Art Direction

    Massimo Meijer

  • Illustrations

    Lorenzo Milito, Kim Demane