Most wanted


For this worldwide M&M’s Wanted campaign we created an HTML5 scrolling website which takes the visitor through an interactive cartoon. By scrolling down the cartoon, which is supported by a voiceover, you are being walked through the story of Red & Yellow.

M&M's landing page

In this story the two famous M&M’s are fugitives, they are wanted by the world for being just too delicious. The police is looking desperately for Red & Yellow, but only you, the user, can help the police to find them. Everybody can help by filling in their own coordination code which is provided on a pack of M&M’s.

M&M's story

After the user filled in the code, you get a particular ending. You either found Red or Yellow, and you won a prize, for example a M&M’s coffee mug. Or you did not and you have to try again.

M&M's award page
M&M's story
M&M's detective


  • Client


  • Agency

    BBDO CLM Paris

  • Production


  • Concept

    Jeroen van der Meer, Massimo Meijer

  • Art Direction

    Jeroen van der Meer, Massimo Meijer

  • Design

    Bas Strien, Massimo Meijer

  • Illustrations

    Julian Burford